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Within the dense context of the present-day metropolis, it is easy to fall into the background of society. never alone and always together, the question arises asking, ‘when an individual wishes to escape back into oneself for a moment and be spiritual, where can we go?’ in order to compensate, people bury their faces into the screens of their smartphones or plug in their headphones to turn down the volume of the noisy city. the problem with this scenario is that as much as communities need extroversion to collaborate towards common goals, nothing is truly fulfilling the need for deeply personal introversion. but what if architecture could provide this desire for reflection?


Situated in the grand union canal basin, north of camley street natural park,  this unusual or unrecognizable form has been applied to awaken ones curiosity and those passersby alike. Activating the senses, allowing people to see its mass rise above the train track of St. Pancras station, forcing you to touch the textures of its materials, and feel as if they’re truly within an environment away from the worries of urban life. Encouraged to climb the shafts and discover the unexpected views of london.


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