GIANT 3D Printers Make Ten Houses in Only a Day!

Looking for your dream home? Just press print. You know, I love 3D printing. I’ve talked about it a lot, in fact the second episode ever of Fw:Thinking was about 3D printing. And it was pretty thorough. But I’ve got to talk about it some more, so here’s a way to catch up. It’s also […]

The rise of the urban jungle

(CNN)What do an avenue of grand oaks, a community park and a rooftop vegetable patch have in common? They can all form part of a city’s “urban forest”, which numerous studies over the past decade have concluded make people happier. And that’s not their only job: urban forests protect our cities from extreme weather, climate […]


We are in a race. the race is against time. We have to build cities, we need them. But we have to make them in a different way. Dan Kammen says that we need a wave of innovation, not only for our way of life, but also for the planet. The consequences would be enormous […]

Architecture & Interior Architecture

( MUSIC, HAMMERING .) >> DR CHURCHILL: Currently we’re in the disused Myer building in Fremantle. Last-place week there was nothing here — “its been” derelict. This week, the Interior Architecture and Architecture students from Curtin University have moved in with the most appropriate task and established this amazing exhibition.( MUSIC) >> DR NEILLE: This […]

Evelina Ozola thoughts on Architect’s hands: how can we design better streets | TEDxRiga

  For a very long time, we have believed that the hand of an architect should look like this. It is known that architects are smart and sophisticated. They ever wear black, and they know better than anyone else how our metropolitans has been in operation. They build modelings, and they look at them from […]

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