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Bush Lodge Design

Bush Lodge Design

Having designed numerous bush lodges in and around Africa we are believed to be leaders in this field. If you require professional services for your game lodge development or any Bush Lodge design then please give us a call on 082 440-2838 to discuss the next step in fulfilling your dreams. Although I specialise in bush lodge styled designs we are registered professionals and undertake all types of architecture.

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Reserve design is the process of planning and creating a nature reserve in a way that effectively accomplishes the goal of the reserve.
Reserve establishment has a variety of goals, and planners must consider many factors for a reserve to be successful. These include habitat preference, migration, climate change, and public support. To accommodate these factors and fulfill the reserve’s goal requires that planners create and implement a specific design.

All nature reserves have a primary goal of protecting biodiversity from harmful activities and processes, both natural and anthropogenic. To achieve this, reserves must extensively sample biodiversity at all taxonomic levels and enhance and ensure long-term survival of the organisms.[1] As it is described in the guides to nature reserve establishment from Scottish and English governments, a nature reserve will likely contribute to enhancing local sustainability and contribute to meeting biodiversity targets. An additional goal is also included: providing controlled opportunities for study of organisms and their surroundings, where study can mean actual scientific research or use of the reserve for education, engagement and recreation of public.[2][3] Various secondary benefits, such as economic contributions from enhanced tourism and opportunities for specialist training, are also mentioned.

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bush game lodge floor plans - Bush Lodge Design

Bush game lodge design floor plans

Bush game lodge design elevations - Bush Lodge Design

Bush lodge design elevation

Bush game lodge design section - Bush Lodge Design

Bush Lodge Design
Bush Lodge Design

Bush Lodge Design

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