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As a design concept, Krisel was only given a few lots to build his homes on, as a test. Obviously, his designs were readily accepted, and he went on to be an iconic figure in modern architecture style, though not with the name cachet of the Schindlers and the Neutras.

The modern houses that are built in Shingle style architecture offer a host of distinctive features including natural surroundings, energy efficiency and healthy indoor atmosphere. These houses demonstrate how wood, stone and sunlight can be utilized to provide a healthy shelter.There are many holiday homes that are built in this style of architecture. Many wealthy people have constructed this type of homes at famous resorts and also at sea-side plots. Natural colors, exterior covered by wooden shingles and an asymmetric structure are the basic features of this architectural form. The other common features are big porches, irregular roofs, towers, verandas, asymmetric floors, chimneys, huge staircases and fireplaces etc.

Landscape architecture can be defined as the design of open-air and public spaces in order to achieve ecological, socio-behavioral and aesthetic outcomes. This is a process that makes careful analysis of the existing social, ecological and geological conditions within the landscape in order to efficiently plan and manage the design. Landscape architecture is much like landscape design though a landscape architect is required to get a license in order to proceed while landscape designers are viewed as a more small scale occupation. Landscape architecture though is slightly more detailed than landscape design as it is a multi-disciplinary field that is inclusive of mathematics, geography, science, engineering and art. Therefore though there is a clear differentiation between landscape design and landscape architecture, landscape architecture is definitely the more scientific and methodical option.

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Vaastu Shastra:Vastu Shastra (vāstu śāstra, also Vastu Veda, “science of construction”, “architecture”) is a traditional Hindu system of design based on directional alignments. It is primarily applied in Hindu architecture, especially for Hindu temples, although it covers other applications, including poetry, dance, sculpture, etc. The foundation of Vastu is traditionally ascribed to the mythical sage Mamuni Mayan.While Vastu had long been essentially restricted to temple architecture, there has been a revival in India in recent decades, notably under the influence of V. Ganapati Sthapati of Chennai, Tamil Nadu (b. 1927), who has been campaigning for a restoration of the tradition in modern Indian society since the 1960s.

Krisel retired as a practicing architect 20 years ago. He was “just a bit surprised” to be asked again recently to create plans for the little butterfly-roofed, post-and-beam structure that became a kind of signature Palm Springs residential architecture style half a century ago.

In ancient Greece, architects were hardly treated as valuable master craftsmen, unlike today where the architects are closely associated with the work they produce. And moreover, architecture was not seen as an art form, as it is in modern times.

Naval architecture is the field of engineering which deals with the design, construction and repair of ships, boats, and other marine vehicles. Ship and vessel design relies on many of the same technologies and engineering expertise found on shore, but achieving safe and effective operations at sea is the focus of a unique discipline.

Landscape architecture generally covers not only the basic aspects of the landscape design, but also factors like the precise design of the infrastructure. This can take on an urban design site planning, environmental restoration, parks and recreation planning, green infrastructure planning or any other format depending on the owner’s preference and suitability of the structure. Landscape architects also help set up the blueprints for civil designs and public infrastructures. Designs for other areas such as universities, residences, parks, botanical gardens and even commercial developments are all projects that are undertaken by landscape architects.


Question: I am planning to get architecture. But my drawing and math skills are not that good. How can I impress my professors? What should I do to enhance my skill in drawing?
” – by ” Vane Irish

Answer: Practice drawing and whatever skill you may lack. Buy some text books on Drawing and Math. Pay attention in class as this will definitely improve your studies.

In my opinion, you don’t need to be good in drawing to be an Architect. Most of what you visualize will be transferred on the computer like AutoCAD. But I’m not saying to neglect it. It’s good to be able to quickly come up with a rough, yet a clear representation, sketch to share your concept with other people, like Clients.

If my memory is right, I.M. Pei almost quit Architecture school because he lacked the artistry of drawing. Now Pei’s one of the most brilliant Architects ever.

Answer By: Phil


Question: What contributions made, in architecture, by Michelangelo to the New Saint Peters Basilica were typical for the Renaissance? The only thing I saw in pictures were the dome and a few columns are there any other features I am missing? I only want architecture features and nothing about the artwork inside.
” – by ” terry

Answer: Renaissance architecture is seen in the Basilica by copying the style of ancient Greece and Rome and emphasing symmetry, proportion, geometry and the orderly arrangements of columns, pilasters, lintels, and
the use of semicircular arches, hemispherical domes and niches.

Answer By: Mjinga


Question: I am doing a project about architecture and i need to know certain things. Mainly classes in college that you need to take to become an architect, also the salary of an architect and what type of architecture you work in.
” – by ” mhk6693

Answer: I wish starting was 40k. It is on the coasts, but in the middle more around 35.

Architecture is its own degree usally requiring 5 or 6 years (never less). It is often one of the hardest degrees at a university. For example at the school I went to only 30% of the kids who applied were accepted. In first year we had 200+ students, we graduated 60.

Here’s a good site:

Answer By: heather k


Question: I already know the literature part and most of the architecture. But I can’t seem to find more examples in architecture and philosophy.

Thank you.
Sorry, missed a word in the title:

How has Greek literature, architecture, and philosophy influenced the present Western Civilizations?
” – by “

Answer: How have they what? Your question is not clearly and logically phrased.

If you are talking about influence, the architecture part is easy. The influence of Greek architecture is all around us. Think about the Greek Revival. If you don’t know what that is, look it up.

And philosophy? Come on. Think about Aristotelianism and Platonism. Even such simple words as “platonic”.

Answer By: Lili


Question: My i- search topic is Renaissance architecture, and though we don’t need an argument, we have to compose an essay about how our topic influenced the renaissance all the way through modern day. I have researched many types of architectures during that time period, and the are outstandingly beautiful, but i don’t see how they influenced anything. Does anyone know if they discovered a different material for building that we still use today or something of that nature? Any information would be very much appreciated! thank you in advance!
” – by ” kk

Answer: Well, I don’t now that they discovered any new building materials. But, the Renaissance influenced the architecture with which we use to build houses and such. The Renaissance Revival style is used in quite a few buildings from the residential to the political. It’s not built that often today but a couple hundred ears ago many wealthy household used it when they built their residences. Those residences still stand, or at least most of them do. I don’t know if this will help you any, but it’s all I know.

Answer By: audball